Tips to Love Your Career This Valentine’s Day (Or Anytime)

Recently I was asked to weigh in on an article about what to do after a break-up.  It got me thinking that showing your career some love is a great idea any time.  If you’re not in love with your job, you’re not alone.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019 saw the highest “quit rate” among workers since 2000.  But don’t just job hop and hope things get better.  Create a lasting, fulfilling, joyful and passionate love affair with your career by investing in Soul Search, Research and Job Search and using these tips…

  • Take a mental health day –  It’s okay to take yourself “out of the game” especially if you’re not up to it and your performance might suffer or hurt that of your team.  So, take a day off but  don’t go into detail about why.   Let your boss know you’re taking a sick day or vacation day (your choice) and leave it at that.  Anything else is TMI (too-much-information) and just opens you up being judged.
  • Separate life from work  – Go on a date with yourself.  Do something that feeds the genius in you and speaks to your interests, passions or talents.  I love singing and it’s fun side passion of mine, so recently I did a karaoke sing along after a networking event I was hosting.  It enabled me to express myself in new ways and not just be “all-business”.  You might not feel like it at first but once you have time to really appreciate you and express all the wonderful qualities you possess, you’ll feel better about life and work. 
  • Book coffee dates with colleagues or those who’s jobs you’re curious about – Focus your ask and why he/she is someone you excited to meet and speak with.  Too often I find people focus on why they need or want the coffee date.  Mistake.   When reaching out, point out accomplishments the person has achieved that impress you, places they’ve work, attitudes or approaches they’ve taken that you aspire to.  Whatever you feel is truly great about him/her, that’s what you want to include in your request.  Your story will come out on the coffee date, no need to share it all in your request email (like above, this is TMI).  Read more about how to request and follow-up on an informational interview. 
  • Get out of your regular environment and attend a wellness retreat for your career – It can be hard to be loving when you feel stuck in the daily grind.  To get a fresh perspective, put yourself in fresh surroundings with positive people doing a process to help you expand the possibilities for your life and career.  I’ve seen experiences like this enable people to believe in the dreams held deep in their hearts and come up with a plan to make it them a reality.  Check out this upcoming retreat in a city people love –  Lisbon.
The saying goes that when you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.  Take the chore and drudgery out of your job.  It’s not just a nice to have, it’s a necessity to have the energy to play the long-game in work and it will keep you from contributing to the nation’s “quit rate.”

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