Tune into CNN Today at 2:30pm eastern and Learn What To Do When You’re Out of a Job

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to share career advice on CNN and get a positive message across that real opportunities do exist for everyone even in trying times.

I’ll be back on CNN today (Tues Dec 16th) at 2:30pm eastern on CNN Newsroom with Kyra Phillips. I’ll be covering the Do’s and Don’ts of Coping with a Layoff and Landing a New Job.

Here are some highlights if you’ve found yourself out of work whether for a week or several months:

–Make sure your resume communicates your fit for the job. Many companies use technology to sift through resumes so it’s important to make sure industry relevant key words are included in your resume such as important software skills. If you haven’t been getting "hits" with your resume, perhaps it’s time to get a professional service like www.ResumeDeli.com to optimize the language you are using.
–Focus on your strengths and what you have (not what you don’t). We all have unique talents which can help us stand out in a competitive job market. Comb over past performance evaluations and ask colleagues, family and friends what they see as your strengths. Don’t be afraid to share what makes you the best at what you do on your resume and in interviews.
–Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. Who would you hire? The person who has confidence in her abilities to land the job or the person who thinks "they’ll never hire me." Your attitude matters so be excited about your career opportunities and believe you have what it takes to land that next interview and next job.

Most importantly, if you’ve been struggling with finding another job, don’t expect the same approach to yield different results. We are in a dynamic economy so perhaps what you’ve done or been looking for doesn’t match exactly what’s out there. Be flexible and open to change and you might find new opportunities in areas you never thought possible!

What strategies would help you land your next job? Have you had success finding a new job recently? Share your tips and ideas!

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