Turning Good Networking into Great Networking (NEW: Read my weekly career advice on Whole Living Daily)

I believe we all have the best intentions when it comes to networking.  We want to stay in touch with bosses and former coworkers, clients, fellow alums, etc. but it doesn’t make our “to do” list.  Then one day we find ourselves in need of support and networking becomes a priority again.

Have you found yourself in this situation?

If so, don’t worry. All is not lost.  You can learn how to best reach out to colleagues with whom you’ve lost touch with my Networking Lesson on Whole Living Daily.

Whole Living Daily is the blog for Whole Living Magazine (formerly Body & Soul.)  I’m honored to be a career expert for this focused, relevant and much needed resource to help you live a balanced life in a busy world.  Find my career tips & advice each week on Whole Living Daily.

Unfortunately the best intentions aren’t enough to create a great network.  But consider how you can put networking at the top of your list.  Make it a priority to network with former bosses and colleagues with tips and advice in this recent Washington Post article: Don’t Slam the Door on Your Way Out by Dan Rafter.

What keeps you from networking?  Is it time?  Is it energy?  Is it having your elevator pitch?  Or perhaps you are a master networker with ideas and strategies to share.  All concerns, questions and comments are welcome.  Share them here and we’ll help each other turn good networking into great networking!


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