View the Clip from My Recent Fox Business Segment

Recently I was asked to appear on Fox Business to react to A Salary Guide For Your 20s, 30s, And 40s.

Be careful.  Read it and you might get depressed.  I did. According to the guide my salary has peaked.  

Beyond that, my concern with this guide is that people put too much stock in salary when choosing their careers when studies show, it’s not a long-term motivator.  

Sure we all want to pay the bills but when the paycheck is all you are working for, the job is ultimately self-defeating.  One of my clients called it eating your soul to feed your belly. 

Too many people think a job is supposed the be a chore. So they overly focus on salary as the main factor. 

It’s not working.  

The Conference Board reports that for 7 straight years less than half of US workers are satisfied in their careers. 

Don’t consider yourself average or a statistic.  Consider yourself one of the few who will light the world on fire.  if you do what you love… sure the money will follow, but you will also not be reading articles like this because you will be too busy and excited about having a career with passion and purpose and not angry, depressed that you’re not making enough.  

What if we taught 20-somethings not to fear the future of the "real world" with "guides" like this, but rather discussed how to live your dreams, how to create, how to build a better world because you lived up to your potential and that true happiness is not in cash but in giving your all for a cause, in giving back to humanity, giving back to mother earth… to create a better world for all people. 


I think I won the debate of course. One viewer had this to say after the segment: 

"I managed medical offices. Loved it! Next taught elementary school. Loved it! Next Dementia/Alzheimer’s private care. Loved it. Finally, veterinary medicine. Still love it! Lots of interesting careers under one Bachelors degree! All involved giving care. All were part-time to be home with our children. Intrinsic motivation has always served me well. All made me happy! The pay was appropriate for each position. Thanks for the great advice! We CAN have happy and varied careers! Keep up the great work!" 


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