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I’ve been working remotely these past few weeks from Southern California. Soaking up the sun and beautiful coastline views. I’ve been taking client appointments, writing my blog, even doing my radio show live from San Diego. It’s fun to connect in person with my West Coast clients and visit with my sister (and otherwise Virtual Assistant) who lives here as well.

Besides getting a break from the cold weather of the Northeast, I’ve also been happily surprised by the admiration of my clients and friends at my working vacation. They are all so happy that I am "living the dream".

What’s amazing is that not so many years ago, I too was saying the same to Deepak Chopra on my radio show. I remember being fascinated by a day in his life living and working in Maui. To be as inspired as he needs to be in his chosen career, it only made sense that his work location fit the task. Seeing one of my heroes go after and create what he wanted, only inspired me more to go after and get what I wanted.

–Look to your heroes. Write down of list of the 2 or 3 people you admire most and why. What qualities or accomplishments or lifestyles do your heroes have that you want?
–If they achieved, you can too. You can only admire qualities in others that you possess yourself. If your heroes achieved great things, that just means it’s possible for you too.
–Learn from their mistakes too. Your heroes are only human and have had ups and downs just like everyone else. Invest some time in reading the turning points in your heroes’ careers. You’ll find that they’ve had setbacks too. Setbacks that they overcame and you can too.

I’d like to know who your heroes are. Who do you admire and why? What do you hope to achieve that your heroes have achieved? Living the dream is closer than you think.

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