Why It’s Important to Have a Personal (Business) Card

Recently I was asked to share my advice regarding personal business cards (not the one from your employer, but one you create yourself.)  I recommend everyone have a card that truly expresses who they are. if that comes from your day job, great! But if not, a personal card is the way to go.  Here’s why…

Why It’s Important to Have a Personal (Business) Card:

  • It gives you a way to professionally exchange contact information with connections who are relevant to interests or ventures outside/apart from your day job.
  • A personal card is a way to expand your network to cover more facets of your life and/or life’s work (especially if your day job isn’t your dream).
  • it’s great for building & adding legitimacy to a side business or hobby or volunteer project or for making affiliations generally taboo at work like political affiliations.
  • Most importantly though, a personal card will boost your own confidence in moving forward with a new venture or project because the card takes an idea and makes it real, tangible. There is something about creating a business card that makes you feel legitimate and validated.  I have found that a tangible business card enables a very important part of any transition which is "acting as if." A card convinces you that you are legitimate which is key if you are going to convince anyone else.

When I decided to pursue my dream of being a cabaret singer, I invested in singing lessons and in a personal business card.  My card had my stage name and title, a specially created email address and phone number, a microphone design, sultry red color, and my take on a George Bernard Shaw quote.  

I gave the cards out to the musicians I wanted to work with and the owner of the club at which I wanted to sing. My cabaret cards showed I was serious and professional to the people who would ultimately help me make my cabaret show called, "Follow Your Dreams" a reality.  

We are all unique and when you express yourself with a personal business card, you/it will naturally stand out. Put meaning behind the design or color or quote and you will be naturally more memorable especially to those who resonate with your message!

What would you put on your personal business card?  

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