2018 Holiday Specials and Unique Gift Ideas

“One of the things I keep learning is that the secret of being happy is doing things for other people.”  I love this quote from Dick Gregory especially at the holidays.

Few things put a smile on someone’s face more than being happy at work everyday.  And as a friend recently put it, “we are all vested in each other’s prosperity.”

So this holiday season, consider doing something for a friend or loved one’s career (or even your own) with one of these HOLIDAY SPECIALS:

Gift certificates are also available in $50 increments so your recipient can choose the product or service they’d most appreciate. Gift certificates are redeemable for products and services on MaggieMistal.com including workbooks, coaching sessions and mastermind subscriptions.

Have a friend or loved one who is…

  • unhappy at work and wants a change
  • struggling with a negative career mindset
  • wants more meaning or purpose in his/her career
  • craves better balance between work and life
  • isn’t finding the job or the prosperity they seek.

You can do something to support him or her (or even yourself if you fall into one of these categories).  Give a gift that empowers.  Here’s to happiness for us all in our careers and beyond this holiday season!

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