Limiting Beliefs and Crafting Your New Year’s Resolutions with Zero Limits

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It’s that time of year – when we look to make a fresh start and resolve to make positive changes in our lives.  It’s wonderful time to dream about where you’d love to see yourself at this time next year.   I even coach my clients to envision their “ideal day in the life.” 

When you think about your dream, are you ready, willing and able to go after it?  What’s between you and your dream?  Often times, I find it’s important to notice what’s stopping you from going after your dreams – it is a fact or feeling?

Here are some limiting beliefs I’ve heard stated as fact when they’re actually a feeling:

  • Realizing my dream is like finding a unicorn.
  • No one has everything they want.
  • It’s too late for me.  I missed my chance. 
  • It’s not responsible to chase dreams when I have people relying on me. 

What “facts” are you operating under, that really are feelings in disguise?   

The wonderful truth is that these feelings are just that.  They’re not universal truths or laws that can’t be changed.  In fact, it’s these very feelings or beliefs that we must change and expand beyond in order to see new exciting and real possibilities for ourselves in 2019. 

Henry Ford said it best, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”  Man once thought he could not fly and now we have been to the moon.  Today’s smart phones were once just science fiction.  Our beliefs in what’s possible can expand and change.  What belief did you once hold that your wiser self has overcome or chuckles at today?  Where do we pick up/get these limits in our thinking? How can we help others expand their thinking beyond limits?  These are the kinds of questions we’ll ponder on #SpiritChat. 

  • Join me this Sunday (12/30/18) at 9a ET on Twitter as we chat about limiting beliefs.  I’ll be guest hosting #SpiritChat.
  • To join – log into Twitter at 9a Sunday and type #SpiritChat in the search bar.  The latest and most popular tweets from the chat will show up and you can read and/or join in the conversation.  Questions will be posted with Q1: at the start. To respond, simply start your tweet with A1: and add #SpiritChat to each post so all in the chat can see it.

In the busyness of the holiday season, take an hour respite and join me on #SpiritChat this Sunday at 9a ET on Twitter.  If you do, you’ll explore your own limiting beliefs and gain strategies to move beyond them as we define our resolutions for the New Year!

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