Believe in Your Dreams Now More Than Ever

When times are uncertain, it can feel safer to pull back-“to tighten the belts” as my father likes to say-than to take on anything new. Yet, this approach can keep us from going after the very opportunities that will turn our careers or even our lives around.

I reiterated this point recently on my radio show, Making a Living with Maggie on Martha Stewart Living Radio on SIRIUS. I interviewed a panel of three fabulous guests, each of whom was following their dreams. They had so much great advice to share I’ve asked each to guest post over the next few weeks.

In case you missed tuning in, I’m on live every Wednesday at 4pm EST, the next several blog posts will include inspiring words of wisdom from my guests to support you in “Believing In Your Dreams”.

It’s vitally important now more than ever to step into your power versus feeling afraid. The world’s best and brightest don’t wait for the right opportunities; they go out and create opportunities in good times and bad. Now it’s your turn!

Share your advice and comments too. What are your dreams for your career? What’s worked for you in making your dreams a reality?

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