Believe in Your Dreams Part 1 (guest blogger Craig Zabransky)

This Believe in Your Dreams entry comes from Craig Zabransky, Financial Services Consultant and Travel Adventure Writer.

With time to reflect on my recent appearance on the ‘Believe in Your Dreams’ segment on the Making a Living radio show with Maggie Mistal, I realize that there is one key element, one vital piece of advice to really help make those dreams a reality.

I spoke about it on the show, but to summarize, the advice is simple. Start ‘being’ what you want to become in your career. Don’t just dress the part, or even act the part, BE the part.

For example, when people ask you, “What do you do for a living?” Take this golden opportunity to advance your dream.

Sure, you can answer with a conventional approach and discuss what you do to pay your bills, to support your lifestyle, etc…Or you change your answer and start ‘being,’ start discussing your dream. Trust me; people would rather discuss a topic that energizes you then be bored chatting over your listless occupation.

Make no mistake; I am not saying to lie. For me, I started discussing my passion to write stories about my adventures and foreign travels. Then one day, after many attempts, I started talking to someone launching a website and my enthusiasm easily enabled me to pitch a travel story. He listened intently, appreciated my passion, and gave me an opportunity. That day my passion transformed into a real assignment, a job.

Now after publishing fifteen articles, my career is just beginning, and I am starting to do more than just believe in my dreams, but live them.

Gandhi said, “ Be the change that you want to see in the world.” Great advice not just for the world stage, but for your career too. So, ‘be the change’ in your career and start following your dream. Trust me, life is much better on this side.

Good luck & Stay adventurous.
Craig Zabransky

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What do you want to be? How might you start acting as if and make your dream a reality?

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