Believe In Your Dreams Part 2 (Guest blogger George Prinzo)

A healthy sense of humor may be just what’s needed in these trying times. Recently Business Consultant and Comedian George Prinzo appeared on my radio show to share his thoughts on believing in your dreams (especially if your dream is to be an entertainer!)

Here are a few highlights:

– Remember, to get over stage fright, don’t picture people in their underwear – it just makes things worse.

– When pursuing your dream – don’t quit your day job (unless Career Consultant extraordinaire Maggie Mistal tells you to do so. Who I am to give career advice anyway? I’m just a comedian!)

– If you are interested in doing stand up comedy – many clubs now offer "comedy schools." If you are in NYC, the school I went to is Also, most clubs have open mic nights.

To see some clips and dates for George’s upcoming shows visit: Or look him up on Feel free to add him as a friend and contact him with any questions about believing in your dreams and making a career in entertainment possible for you.

How are you keeping a sense of humor in your life? Do you have a favorite past-time that you’re finding joy in despite all the negative news? Have you ever considered a career in entertainment?

George is also a great model for using your passion for a purpose. For those of you in the NYC area, he will be hosting a charity fundraiser dinner/show for John Hudson Dilgen. For more information see

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