3 Reasons Not to Panic About Your Job

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself." – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

You’ve heard those words before but what does it really mean to your career? Why shouldn’t you be panicking right now?

–1)For starters, panic never helped anyone think clearly or make rational decisions. If you’re frantic over what’s happening on Wall Street (and yes there are some serious economic challenges occurring) you may be putting your career at risk. Here’s what I mean – when you start to operate from a place of panic and fear at work, you’re more apt to second guess yourself, miss details and ultimately make more mistakes – the very things you want to avoid right now. So calm down. Take a walk, play a game with your kids, go see a movie and by all means, don’t panic.

-2) Value is what creates opportunity. Now is the perfect time to examine the work you do and the value it provides. Who benefits from your efforts and how? Are there ways you can be of even more service to your clients, customers and your boss? Focus on what you can control – your own performance on the job.

-3)See the current turmoil as your chance to shine. It’s the best captains who can navigate in rough seas. With all the economic challenges facing companies, governments, nonprofits, now is the perfect time for you to step up and really demonstrate the creative, innovative ideas you have that can help. Don’t just sit back and let everyone else take care of it. Pitch in. Play your part in the best way you know how. It will demonstrate not only your abilities but your integrity as well.

If you are having trouble seeing the opportunities for yourself, register for my free one hour webinar next Tues, October 14th at 12pm eastern entitled "Getting on the Path to Career Happiness." You’ll be able to define your personal career mission statement, vision statement and a practical career path to thrive not just survive today’s economic challenges.

How are you doing? Are you panicking? Do you have reasons why panicking isn’t a good idea? Share them. We are all in this together!

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