Career Change Can Be A Good Thing

What’s your reaction when you hear, "things are going to change"?  

Do you feel fear and anxiety? Or do you get a sense of excitement and optimism?  For many, change is viewed with concern and worry.  What will I lose? is often the first thought.  And yes, change does lead to some loss.  I should know. I lost my first job due to a massive change in the accounting industry when my employer Arthur Andersen went under with the Enron debacle.  

In the media at the time, we heard all about the loss – how 80,000 people in 90 countries lost their jobs and how the faith in one firm was lost forever.  There is another part to the story however that you didn’t hear -how much was gained through this change.  

For me, the end of Andersen forced me to deal with a career I wasn’t happy with.  It was a turning point for me, one that led me to the career coaching and radio hosting that I do (and love) today.  And I’m not alone in this experience.  Many of my Andersen colleagues have changed careers.  

It’s not just Andersen either.  I’ve been working with a corporate client recently who wants their people to see the opportunities in an upcoming merger.  Over the last few months I’ve been coaching each team member to see how this change could be a blessing in disguise.  Yes, it’s still a challenge to say goodbye to each other yet at the same time, it’s exciting to explore new career paths and opportunities both within and outside the merged company.    

Change is the one constant we can count on in our careers.  The key is not to fear change but to leverage it to move your career forward.  Tomorrow, I’ll be speaking to a group of Columbia University alumns about How to Successfully Navigate Corporate Change.  If you’re in that group, sign up here

I’ll also be sharing tips and ideas on leveraging change on my radio show "Making a Living with Maggie" today at 4pm EST/1pm PST on SIRIUS 112/XM 157.  Call in at 866-675-6675 and share your reactions to change and what concerns, fears are holding you back from moving forward.  Share your comments and career change successes here too.  I welcome your input and know that whatever change comes along together we can handle it!

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