Five Unexpected Tips for Your Next Interview

Besides the normal pleasantries of dressing the part, having a copy of your resume, being on time and prepared for the standard “why should I hire you” questions, keep in mind these key tips in your next interview…

  1. Ask questions.  Recently on Making a Living I interviewed Executive Pastry Chef Matthew Peterson from Café Boulud, Palm Beach.  He mentioned that when he takes on new people in his kitchen and they don’t ask ?’s in the first few hours, he tells them to go home.
  2. Remember- an interview is as much about them liking you as you liking them. To find out more about your employer ask if they conduct employee satisfaction surveys and if you can see recent results.
  3. Take notice of further ways to connect with the interviewer.  Look around and notice a picture, a poster, a painting, a screen saver or even paper-weight that you can relate to.  Ask a question about it and connect with the interviewer on another level.  I have a client who asked the interviewer if he was a NY Rangers fan after seeing a Stanley Cup photo framed on the wall. Being a Rangers fan himself, the interviewee immediately made a deeper connection with the interviewer.
  4.  Find a signature piece for your interview outfit/suit.  Wear something that means something to you.  It could be a special pair of cufflinks (men) or an heirloom broach (women).  Also whenever possible, make sure to incorporate an item from the company’s line of clothing or accessories.  I knew a women who interviewed at Coach who made sure she got a new Coach bag for the occasion.
  5. Go beyond your resume.  If you’re in the interview, the search engine already found all the right key words on your resume.  Now is your opportunity to make what you did on that resume comes alive in the conversation–make it like a movie that someone wants to watch.  Be animated and excited about your story and you will create a more compelling interview.

What advice helped you in your last interview?  Share your comments and questions.  It’s time to stop hunting for a job and start landing the job you really want!

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