Holiday Gift List For Mind, Body and Spirit (And Fun)

We are living in unprecedented times and that calls for an unprecedented approach to gift giving!  This year my holiday list includes ways to support those on your holiday list with experiences, products and services that benefit them in mind, body and spirit.

The combination of all 3 is truly the path to happiness and success in my humble opinion.

Some of the ideas listed have also been featured on my top-rated podcast Making a Living with Maggie.  In those cases, click the link to listen in and learn more.

Mindset Gifts:

  • Root Cause Coaching/Remote Light and Sound Therapy – For those that want to feel resilient in the face of stress, Korrine Holt can offer coaching as well as light and sound therapy to address the root cause of challenges.  Find out more about Korrine’s work and contact her at the and check out her inspiring book Poetic Ascension.
  • Are You Ready to Love Your Job?  – Everyone who has a job or is looking for a job will find support with this book. Whether employed, unemployed or under-employed, for those on your list who want to find happiness, meaning and success in their work, and this is the book that will show them how.
  • Mastermind Series – For those on your list who need a boost and some positive motivation.  This 3-part online class happens over 3 months (one class per month).  In each session, they’ll be instructed by me on a new mindset tool that will support them in maintaining a productive career mindset. Participants have called my mastermind program – a great “touchstone” and “A fabulous support group for staying on track and reaching one’s goals!”

Body Gifts:

  • Virtual personal training with a certified fitness expert.  For those on your list who want to get moving again and would benefit from regular exercise, check out G-Fit.  The program is available six days/week live or get access to hundreds of well organized and structured workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere.
  • Wear it Well with Marcy – You need the right workout wear so you can be comfortable and supported.   Marcy offers Zyia wear with new releases all the time.  She also shares tips and Seint make-up products as well.
  • Help others get in the creative flow with beautiful messenger bags, totes and sleeves because “art belongs in everyday life”.  The inspiring Mary van de Wiel, international branding maverick and visionary in the brand intelligence space, found her self-expression led her to bold mark-making.  She was open to what called her and out of that experience came Black Line Crazy

Spirit Gifts:

Having fun is good for mind, body and spirit!  Even though you could focus on the negative, it’s my wish that you are able to lift yourself above it all to an eagle’s eye view (not an ostrich with your head in the sand), but observing from your “eagle’s perch” as one of my favorite You Tubers Pam Gregory likes to say.

Fun Gifts:

  • Virtual Wine Tasting –  Does the person on your list  love wine?  Do they want to understand more about quality wines form all over the globe?  Do they want to to experience the luxury of well-curated wines and delicious wine-pairings?  Then check out Wine Tastings.  Held via zoom, both you and your guests will be entertained and educated for 90 minutes as your host takes you on a virtual wine tasting with specially curated wines for the event.
  • ​Gifts from the Road – For the person on your list who loves travel, this quick yet insightful read makes a great stocking stuffer.  Travel is a gateway to life change and that comes from both learning on and from the adventures we take in life.

May these gifts bring those in your life joy, happiness and fulfillment in life and work.

Happy holidays and always follow your dreams,


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