Job Action Day: New Economy Job Search Advice

I’m honored to be a part of Quintessential Careers 2nd Annual Job Action Day, the goal of which is to encourage workers and job seekers to be positive and proactive.  As painful as the economic challenges have been, I am positive. People are focusing more on what truly makes them happy and fulfilled.  Going through the motions in a job is really leaving us in this new economy.

Rather than just landing another job, people now need to focus on the right job for them.  They need to soul search more deeply than in the past to know what they’re passionate about, what they’re best at and what they’re truly motivated and inspired to do with their skills and talents.  As I work with my clients through Soul Search, Research and Job Search, I see just how actionable this approach is in the new economy.

Take my client Kerry for instance.  Kerry has been in a series of less-than-fulfilling jobs, not following her heart nor getting well compensated for her efforts.  Through our soul search work, it became clear that Kerry has dreams of owning a business.  I even see a marked difference in her demeanor when she talks about her job versus her dream career.  Pointing out this difference in motivation and energy has helped Kerry see why her career to-date has been so lackluster.  It’s not Kerry, it’s the fit between Kerry and her career.

To help you find a career that fits, take these steps and you’ll find reason to be positive:

Start your own Soul Search by writing out your ideal day at work.  Include all the details you can such as a flexible schedule, a better title or role, what motivates you, and what makes for the most comfortable work environment.  (To understand your key motivators, see my recent work values blog post.)

Research using sites like and find careers where a “day in the life” matches your ideal. I also conduct day in the life interviews live on my weekly SIRIUS XM radio show.

Job Search using unofficial channels like your college alumni network.  Many alumni associations offer online searchable databases where you can find contacts in your chosen field.  Take a genuine interest in the careers of your fellow alums and they’ll return the favor.  After building rapport, ask for feedback on your ideal career.  You’ll get ahead faster learning from an experienced mentor!

More and more I hear people say they just aren’t falling into jobs like they used to.  They need to be the perfect fit to get hired.  The good news: you ARE the perfect fit for your ideal career.  Don’t wait another day to do the Soul Search, Research and Job Search to find it.

Share your comments below.  Are you following your heart?  If not, what’s keeping you from going after your dreams?  Share your concerns.  Share your successes too.  Are you in a job you love? How did you find it?  We can learn from each other & take smarter action with our careers!

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