Mario Bosquez Manages His Career by Living Today

The average overnight success takes fourteen years. To have the career of your dreams, it’s the daily actions that make the difference.  Just ask fellow SIRIUS XM radio host Mario Bosquez.

Every week, in addition to my own radio show, I make an appearance on Mario’s show Living Today to share career advice and inspiration. Tuesdays at 3:30p ET/12:30p PT we take calls (866-675-6675) and discuss any and all job-related topics from: soul searching to find your dream job, to researching growing fields to job searching with fresh interview strategies.  

Call in anytime you or a loved one has a career dilemma!

Besides having a fun time, I’ve learned a lot from Mario too.  He knows a thing or two about managing a great career and has many accomplishments to show for it, including having a James Beard Award-nominated radio show.  

Here are the career insights I’ve learned from Mario:

  • Be versatile – Mario has been a success not only in radio but in television as well.  He was honored by former President Bush for his coverage of the Colombia earthquake.  He’s also a published author of "The Chalupa Rules", has performed on Broadway and has had recent success as a burgeoning playwright. I know there’s even more to come from Mario who truly does love to "learn something new" everyday. 
  • Go the extra mile – When interviewing for his job at Martha Stewart Living Radio, Mario not only had his resume ready but also a full binder demonstrating his portfolio of work.  Mario also made a cake for his interview with Martha to demonstrate he had the culinary skills as well as broadcast skills to do the job. 
  • Make friends today, contacts tomorrow – From day one, Mario made me feel welcome on his show.  He’s also offered guest suggestions and contacts for my show.  Mario builds genuine relationships and offers to help others BEFORE he needs anything.  It’s a great way to make friends and build a network.  

Find out more about Mario including the best part of his job as SIRIUSXM radio host.  

Join us each week by tuning into SIRIUS 112/XM 157 Tuesdays at 3:30p ET/12:30p PT and feel free to join the career conversation with your comments, advice, ideas and questions.  Mario and I love to hear from listeners at 866-675-6675.

Here’s to you making a great living and living today!

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