Shine on the Job This Year & Make the Most of a Rebounding Economy

Is the economy in recovery?  No one knows for sure but you CAN increase your chances for better opportunities this year by finding ways to shine on the job.  

Vicki Salemi author of Big Career in the Big City appeared on my SIRIUSXM radio show this week.  Given her experience as a Big 4 recruiter in the growing field of professional services, Vicki had great advice for taking advantage of a rebounding economy.   In case you missed my show, here are highlights: 

Vicki’s Advice to Shine on the Job: 

  • Check your old mindset at the door. Be cognizant about your attitude because it creates our outcomes. Only think positively, this is the year to thrive, shine, and even make new mistakes! Be ready to think differently and also do things differently.
  • Make the most out of a lean staff. If you’re overworked, make the most of the situation by highlighting your accomplishments and ability to multi-task, learn new things and work with new people. This could be a real coup to talk up during a job interview.
  • If you’re actively job searching, really analyze where your efforts are going. Are you spending most of your time online (i.e., LinkedIn)? Calling former colleagues to network? Lining up a coffee or lunch meeting every week? Going to networking mixers? Really sit down to figure out where you’re getting the most mileage and create a plan to explore new venues that maybe you overlooked (i.e., industry conference, cold calling a potential employer).
  • Stay on top of it! If you’re a passive job seeker (i.e., somewhat content in your current job; kind of happy you weren’t downsized but secretly yearning for a better opportunity), now is the time to pounce. Networking will hopefully be stress-free since you’re not pressured to get a new job and most of the fabulous external opportunities won’t make it to the job boards. 
  • Create a new elevator pitch! Examine what’s been working for you and what hasn’t, and mix up the words a little bit! New year, new you, new pitch.  This could be a fun task and overflow into other areas (i.e., new ‘do, new interview suit, spruce up the resume.) Think of it as a mini-makeover.
  • Do internal networking! Often times this is overlooked but keep your eyes peeled on the internal job board and be ready to pounce. This means always ensuring your internal visibility as at its top game (i.e., volunteering to attend additional meetings, highlight your accomplishments/not being bashful), so when you do apply and speak directly to the hiring manager, hopefully they will have already heard of your work.

Thanks to Vicki for sharing her fresh ideas on how you can shine on the job this year. Also a freelance journalist, make sure to check out Vicki’s articles on careers and entertainment for, The NY Post, The Daily, Yahoo!,, Find links to them all on Vicki’s website

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