New Career Video Series (Part 2) – Turning a Not-So-Smart Goal Into One That’s Exciting

You’ve watched Part 1 of my Goal Setting Video Series, you’re ready to set your own forward-looking goal. But where do you start?  How do you take a goal and make it specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound?  You need an example.

Watch Part 2 of my SMART Goals Video Series where I take you through a real-life SMART goal from start to finish.  You’ll see a previously ambiguous goal becomes inspiring and even fun to achieve.  Are you ready to turn your career goal into one that’s exciting?!

For more of my Career Video Series on Goal Setting, visit my YouTube channel.  Parts 3 and 4 focus on questions to ask yourself when creating your own SMART Goal as well as key action steps to make it a reality.

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