Are you an entrepreneur?

In my work I talk to a lot of would-be entrepreneurs, people with life and work experience who have realized their true passions lie in creating something of their own.   In many cases, the person’s passion is very different from their day job – like the x-ray technician who started his own bakery or the marketing executive who is now selling with his own inspiring furniture designs.  

In my experience, this interest in self-employment is increasing.  

Just last week, I was speaking with a client who in an inspirational burst, saw her vision clearly and encompassed our soul search and research work into her own unique business idea.  She was ecstatic!  

Perhaps you have a business or career idea that lit a spark within you and made you ecstatic about possibilities.  Perhaps you have them all the time.  So the question is, are you an entrepreneur? 

To determine if you’re really an entrepreneur, I find actions speak louder than words and the answer can be found in asking yourself one simple question –What do you do with your big ideas? 

  • Nothing – For some, staying in the idea stage is safer because having never been tested in the real world, their ideas theoretically always have a chance of success.    
  • Use it in conversation only – For others, their ideas make for great fodder in conversation but they have not real intention of ever moving forward.  
  • Make use of it – Yet for some, their big idea takes prominence, gets attention and energy and gets implemented. They may fail.  They may succeed.  But every entrepreneur I have ever met or read about said they had to give their business idea a chance.

The client I mentioned falls into the third category.  She’s ready to make use of her big idea and her first step is to share it with knowledgeable people she trusts who can help her refine the concept further.   Then it’s all about action –a step-by-step plan to take her idea from concept to reality.  Is she nervous?  Yes but is she happy? Yes!  For the first time in her career, my client is taking charge and as scary as it is to put her idea to the test, she’s ready to be an entrepreneur.  

If you’re thinking you might be ready too, tune in today to my career advice radio show.  I’m interviewing Barbara Corcoran – a D student in high school who found her passion in her own real estate business, which she sold for $70 million in 2001.  Now she’s The Today Show’s real estate expert and the female shark on ABC’s Shark Tank.  I have heard her speak – you’ll love her fresh, tell-it-like it is attitude! 

(Photo courtesy of Flick user Robert S. Donovan.) 

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