New Year’s Career Resolutions That Work

We’re into 2019 and you might be getting sucked back into the daily grind. Before you lose sight of all the optimism you felt when the ball dropped, consider setting some career-focused resolutions like these:

Here’s to you achieving all your career dreams and goals in 2019. Happy New Year!
  • Get out of the daily grind once a quarter. Treat yourself to a long weekend escape in a vibrant city or a week-long career-focused retreat. You’ll be in a better mindset to break through the barriers and do some fresh thinking about your career.
  • Catch yourself complaining and instead cultivate an attitude that supports you. “As you think so shall you be” so carve out time to actively work on improving your mindset with structured programs like a mastermind group. Understand where your beliefs are limiting you and expand your network to include positive people who’ve done what you’re looking to do.
  • Let go of how and start sharing what.  Most people don’t share their dreams because they aren’t sure how to make them happen.  But the beauty of it is, that when you share, you give others a chance to help you make your dreams come true.  In a recent podcast, I shared the story of a young woman who literally set her artist free.  But she didn’t get there by pushing her way through endless to do lists, she did it by sharing her dreams and ideas with friends, colleagues, and other artists.  Before long, she had ideas and suggestions from those in the know on how to take the next steps to get closer to her own dreams of a dedicated artist studio (which she has today!)
  • Let go of fear – come from inspiration.  People make career decisions too often from a place of fear where they feel they’ll have to do something they don’t like just to earn a paycheck.  This year, suspend all doubt and allow yourself the freedom to believe that what you want is not only possible, it will earn you a great living.  Write out a vision of your ideal day where you do work you love and get paid for.  Write it in the present tense as if it’s already happening.  Then read it everyday.  You’ll soon be inspired with action steps and ideas to make your vision a reality. 

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