Tune in and Start “Making a Living” on Your Own Terms

“My career chose me. I don’t even know how I ended up in this job. How do I get out and fast?”

While not actual quotes from my clients (those are protected for confidentiality) this is an unfortunate running theme from my coaching sessions. People need help in figuring out a strategic career path so they can stop hopping from one unsatisfying job to another. And apparently, a lot of people need help. A 2007 Conference Board study found that only half of all US workers were satisfied in their careers.

I’m more than happy to help people get on track. So happy in fact that I’m always looking for new ways to serve.

That’s why I’m excited to announce that starting this Wed, September 10th, you can tune in for weekly career advice and inspiration on SIRIUS satellite radio. You can also call into the show live and get your questions answered on air! My show, “Making a Living with Maggie” will air Wednesdays at 4pm eastern/1pm pacific on Martha Stewart Living Radio SIRIUS 112.

What would you like to hear discussed on the show? Job hunting resources, career change ideas, work/life balance strategies, how to be your own boss? What topics interest you? Let me know so I can help you make a living on your own terms.

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