What are you cultivating with your career?

People often contact me to find more meaning in their careers. They want to make a difference but aren’t sure how. If this sounds familiar, read on. Below is an inspiring example of a one woman whose dream of helping others is now reality.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lois Reddick in high school. Though we had lost touch for several years, she and I recently reconnected. It was great to catch up and even more amazing to learn that Lois had founded a non-profit organization called COSIA. COSIA is built on the belief that one woman, with the help and support of her sisters (and brothers), can make a tremendous and positive difference in the world.

That belief is coming true.

So far COSIA has provided funding, exposure, and/or support for many programs and organizations including: The Love by the Slice Baking and Catering Program and The Dillingham-Williams Foundation (both in development), the Afterw@rd Suicide Prevention Project, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the Consciously Rebuilding Project in New Orleans, and Operation Longthrust Summer Youth Program in Washington State.

If that’s not enough, here’s what members have to say:

“COSIA is where I go to make the impossible possible through positivity and idea sharing, so that I can then be able to pass it on through community building.”

“COSIA helped me realize that I am a powerful, intelligent, and visionary woman who is determined to make an impact.”

I have the honor and privilege of presenting at COSIA’s Cultivating Your Path Workshop. If you are in the New York area and would like to attend, click here for more information.

I am so impressed with what Lois is cultivating. Now it’s your turn. Get inspired and cultivate a great impact with your career.

What cause or goal do you care most about? What change do you want to see in the world? What organization might you contribute through and have a great impact? I can’t wait to hear your comments!

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