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I’ve heard from many of you via my Facebook radio page that you appreciate the positive encouragement I deliver on air.  Here it is in purest & simplest form!

Have fun following your dreams! Listen in for advice & inspiration via podcast. It’s Career Happy Hour! Here’s a sample: Attitude Adjustments & More Strategies to Love Your Job.

Ways Women Are Changing The Workforce Dynamic (3/31/2016)


Women are changing the face of the American workforce.  Understand the dynamics behind this change and how economic factors are shaping workers’ career choices.  Wall Street Journal Economics correspondent Nick Timiraos shares research and insights on the economy, career change, and the presidential race to help you prepare and invest in your own career and make the most of opportunities available to you whether man or woman.

Ditch Your 9 to 5 Job & Build a Wildy Successful Business (2/18/2016)

Embrace that your talent is meant to be your business. Listen to my interview by Karen Kalis for her series, Millionaire Mama: How to Ditch the 9 to 5 Job and Build a Wildly Successful Business You Love. I challenge you with the idea that working for an employer is more risky than working for yourself.  It might sound crazy, but when you hear me talk about it, it makes total sense!  When you use your own genius in the world through Soul Searching, Researching your ideal niche and Job Searching to see what opportunities are out there, you will find success! 

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Success Starts with Creating a Friendly Universe (1/12/2016)

We can create and benefit from a friendlier universe with our own actions and attitude.  Tune in for my interview with The Kindness Diaries author Leon Logothetis.  You’ll not only get inspired to take bold steps in the New Year but also realize how friendly the universe can be when we help others along the way.  

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Time Management Not Working? Try Self-Management Instead. (11/18/2015)

Want more hours in a day?  Get them with better self-management.  Listen in to my interview with Productivity Expert Mitzi Weinman as she shares tips and strategies from her new book It’s About Time: Transforming Chaos Into Calm A to Z

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How to Be Productive Working from Home (9/30/2015)

Work from home or want to? Listen in for the pros, cons and strategies to effectively work remotely (telecommute, telework).  If you struggle with discipline, need better work life balance or are having a hard time managing work and family, this is the podcast for you.  Tune in and you’ll learn how to create a productive work space for yourself so you can be satisfied and successful working from anywhere with anyone around you. 

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Defining Conscious Capitalism: Add Meaning & Purpose to Your Paycheck (8/26/2015)

Many of us think we have to sacrifice pay to do work that satisfies a deeper purpose.  Rather the opposite is true.  Research shows that companies who operate with a higher-purpose make a profit 1500 times greater than those in it for the money alone.  Join me as I interview Peter Laughter, Co-founder and Co-chair of the NYC Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and CEO of Wall Street Services as we explore the four key principles to conscious capitalism and where to find employers who value their people as much as the bottom line.  Learn more at http://www.consciouscapitalism.org/.

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Secrets to Having the Career of a Lifetime (7/31/2015)

Want a career that fulfills you and provides for your well being and success?  The answer to building a career of a lifetime is surprisingly simple and fully within your control.  Tune in to my conversation with fellow career coach Pat Meehan as he shares this secret as well as real-life career success stories from his book that will teach and inspire you to build the career of a lifetime.

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Stress Getting The Better of You? Build Your Resilience Now. (4/30/2015)

Stress is a part of life but HOW you deal with affects your quality of life.  Listen to my interview with Jan Bruce, co-author of MeQuilibrium – 14 Days to a Cooler, Calmer and Happier You. Hear immediate ways you can rethink your approach to stress and find more peace.

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The Real Secrets to Success (interview with America’s #1 Success Coach Jack Canfield) (3/15/2015)

Gain insights into one of my favorite success books – The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.  Hear easy and fun ways to find your purpose and make a great living doing work you love.  It’s not a silly dream.  You can have it all and it starts with a mindset of success now.


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Visioning: How It Works & Why It’s Crucial To Your Career To Do Now (1/16/2015)

Hope is not a method.  The secret to getting what you want is to envision it.  Listen in for specific tips on how visioning works (to your benefit) and how you can write one now that connects you to the life and career you want.  Maggie also shares a special offer you can take advantage of to stay inspired all year through.

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